Choose Majorca Personal Trip Guide Service

Choose Majorca Personal Trip Guide Service finds your best Majorca location and accommodation based on your chosen Majorca Activities

Discover less commercialised Majorca with Niche Majorca Blogs and Individual Trip Plan Service

Choose Majorca Trip Guide caters for both Leisure and Business Trips whether it's Majorca Luxury you're after or something more modest

Complete your Majorca Trip wishlist with your exact Majorca requirements

Choose Majorca Trip Guide service sources the best quality and value.

Majorca Activity Providers based on long term reputation and honest customer reviews

Personal Majorca Trip Search pin-pointS where you need to be in Majorca based on your tastes and budget

What's unique about ChooseMajorca Trip Guide Service?

ChooseMajorca doesn't use an automated search engine to plan your best area and accommodation. Your search is conducted with love and knowledge of this beautiful Balearic island

If you have multiple people in your trip party of various ages wanting a variety of Majorca activities-an automated search won't be able to personalise your search for everyone's needs

Whether 10 different people of different ages need 10 different activities or 1 person needs 10 activities; ChooseMajorca hand-crafts an impressive Majorca Trip Guide agenda and locates your most suitable accommodation for you based on your Trip Party's needs

chooseMajorca Trip Guide includes every detail you need to enjoy your Majorca break

With customer service at the forefront, this website is here to enhance your Mallorcan trip experience and ensure you spend your hard-earned cash on a trip to remember for all the right reasons!palm trees

Majorca Activities

The Choose Majorca Personal Trip Guide Service knows about excursions, places of interest and Majorca activity providers which are not on the high street and tour excursion websites radar. This makes for a more attractive, less commercialised proposition. There are bike routes, old ruins, niche exhibitions, niche restaurants, pretty churches in pretty small towns.. and much more

Whether it's Majorca art galleries or museums you're after, Michelin starred restautants you want or hiking in Mallorca's beautiful countryside- or all of the above- getting the right location is so important

There are so many watersports, dry land sports, adventure parks, theme parks art and culture for everyone in Majorca. And not just the ones advertised on the major travel websites

chooseMajorca equips you with all information so you can to book yourself OR have your trip booked for you. Your holiday adventure is all planned out for you in your personal Majorca Trip Guide

chooseMajorca's whole purpose is to help you avoid overpriced excursions and activities on your Majorca Break by having your Majorca holiday plan all mapped out before you travel. Only the best accommodation for your budget, in close proximity to your activity preferences will be on your agenda and reserved before you travel

Visit services page for full information and cost of service and frequently asked questions for anticipated answers to your questions view of Palma cathedral from Palma art gallery

Arrive on your Majorca break with a Trip and Travel Guide to hand. Know your Majorca agenda exactly before you fly off. This includes the things you will be doing, where they are and how you will be getting to them, whether in your car hire, on public transport or on foot. This prevents you wasting half the morning each day mapping outwhat to do on your Majorca break. You are free to just get on enjoying your Majorca Trip

Do as little or as much as you want; but do only the stuff you enjoy doing!

Just tell me all your requirements in your wishlist

wide rugged beach on eastern Majorca

Majorca Business Trips

So you need a Hotel and area in Majorca that suits your business needs? And restaurants and activities to entertain clients. There are plenty of opportunities to do this both in and out of Palma, Majorca's capital

There are plenty of Activities to impress your clients with from watersports and Paint-balling to gala evening shows

a tram which is a method of transport in north western Majorca

And if you want to take a break from driving while on your trip, there is a really good and reliable transport system to guide you and your trip party round the island

Majorca is a very accessible island suited for wheelchairs and prams with plenty of flat paved promenades with specially adapted accommodations for disabled access

Temperatures in Majorca generally reach mid-30's (centigrade) in July and August and the cooler winter months of December to February average at sixteen degrees centigrade but can often be warmer.

Sunshine days annually are numerous with around 300 of them. Who cares anyway if you do get one or two rainy days! Your personal Majorca Trip Guide will be planned out with somerainy day things to do!

church set in lush countryside

Majorca Activities

chooseMajorca crafts a Majorca trip for you full fun and mental stimulation. Whether it's hiking, culture, science, nature, watersports, architecture or art that make you happy, your personal chooseMajorca Trip Guide will find the best area for you to do all the things you want
There are an abundance of ancient churches and architecture to view, and much local Majorcan history to digest

There are unlimited eateries if you're a foodie; lunch or dine at restaurants or cafes serving mallorcan cuisine using locally sourced produce, or eat at michelin star restaurants attention to detail in the carving around church door

Majorca trip plans for families can be assembled easily as there are so many outdoor areas of beauty including well over 250 beaches and coves. Your Majorca Trip Guide can show you how to access the less commercialised ones during your holiday. There are lots of outdoor activities specifically for children and teenagers and lots that families can do as a whole

If you like challenging hiking, running or bike routes, choose Majorca can plan your trip around areas offering plenty hilly, challenging territory. The Serra de Tramuntana mountainous in north-western Majorca offer plenty of interesting routes to choose from

All routes from your accommodation are mapped out for you and included in your choose Majorca trip plan.

Whether you have a specific hobby, want to try something new or need some Majorca activity ideas; choose Majorca Trip Guide service can help you out.

you can use the service either as a consultancy advice service only.

Or you can have your accommodation and activities booked for you

This service can also meet briefs for business or educational trips.

About flights

pretty fishing harbour

Majorca Luxury

There is no doubt about it. Everyone can enjoy Majorca; It's all about picking the right region and accommodation. This can be a mind-boggling task when there is so much information on the internet. If you're after seclusion and privacy there are over 25 five star hotels and some very good four star deluxe ones also. Get help choosing the right one for you

If you are a shoestring budget and want to watch what you spend, you can make a great Majorca holiday plan too

But you must never pay over the odds! Combine the quality of Majorca luxury with the best value to suit your style, tastes and desires and needs

Working totally independently of any other company and impartially on your behalf, each personal Majorca trip guide pays special attention to the specifications you give me on the wishlist page

one of the more remote and rural accommodations with calming countryside view

The diversity of regions, accommodations and activities on the beautiful island of Majorca are world-class. There areaccommodations ranging from five star high-end luxury with high-end amenities and attentive service to match. Put blog link here

Everything from hotels and self-catering apartments through to high end luxury is available.

Do you prefer to relax and shut the world out in between activities; That's easy!

Stay at a private secluded Majorca villa with it's own private pool and grounds with private parking.

Private chefs can be hired to come and cook for you. Nannies can look after the children

If you haven't got to worry about children, there are several Adult only 5 star luxury Majorca hotels to pick from

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