Choosing Majorca Location and Majorca Activities

If you're planning a holiday in Majorca, researching where to go and what to do can be confusing. It's a mine Field with all the different information on the multitude of Majorca websites. Especially if you're not familiar the largest of the beautiful balearic islands.

You think you've finally made your choice of where to stay in Majorca, one bad review takes you back to square one

chooseMajorca finds the Majorca location that's right for you by finding out your planned Majorca activities, tastes and budget and all your Majorca trip needs. Finding you things to do in Majorca to suit your interests and and best excursions for you if you're stuck for ideas.

Discover less commercialised Majorca with Niche Majorca Blogs and Individual Trip Plan Service

chooseMajorca Service takes the time and stress out of your Majorca holiday search and helps you make the most of your time in Majorca

Majorca Activity Providers

chooseMajorca sources all your Majorca activities and activity providers for you. Once you have all the information you need provided to you in your personalised Majorca Trip Guide, you can book yourself or use this peronal Majorca Trip Guide service to book your accommodation and activities for you. The two services are differentiated below

If you have specialised hobbies and interests you want to follow in Majorca, chooseMajorca is out to find the best quality and value Majorca activity providers for you

Your personally designed Majorca Trip Guide will include everything you need for visiting Majorca on a budget through to wanting high end luxury accommodation and Majorca activities to match. Whether you want privacy and seclusion or hustle and bustle; chooseMajorca's objective is to find your ideal Majorca location and accommodation to match your brief

Let me know what your exact needs and wants in your wishlist

The best Majorca location for you is subject to your indicated activity desires. Best Majorca accommodation in the right area will be chosen for you subject to your style tastes and budget. Tell me everything you need in your wishlist

Also see faqs

Clarifying my service

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My Service Fee:from £55

  1. Giving you a Majorca Trip Guide that includes a choice of three different Majorca accommodations based on Majorca activity selection and budget
  1. Your personalised Majorca Trip Guide includes complete details of the three varying accommodations in your most suited location. You have the final choice of which to choose

  1. Gives you a personalised Majorca activities Guide with as many activities as you need with every necessary detail about activity providers in terms of contact and access
  1. Plans out all your routes from your chosen Majorca accommodation to all Majorca activities and excursions
  1. Use the information in the Trip guide to book directly with the providers faqs
  1. £110 does everything the above service does; the extra that you pay is for the website owner to book and liase directly with the accommodation and activity providers on your behalf
    Please also see faqs
  1. If you are using the £110 service, once you have made your decision on which of the three accommodations you like best, you give me the go ahead to proceed with all accommodation and activity bookings
  1. Both services provide you with a personalised Majorca Trip Guide of equal quality and detail
  1. Both services offer peace of mind knowing you'll stay in a area Majorca area suited to your needs. You'll also have the best quality, value Majorca accommodation within your budget
  1. Because your Majorcan accommodation is chosen in good proximity to your selected activities in Majorca, you won't need to book any spur of the moment over-priced excursions that take you halfway across the island
  1. You'll be saved a massive amount of time and energy from scouring hundreds of accommodation reviews and activity provider websites yourself; chooseMajorca does it all for you
  1. Your finalised Majorca Trip Guide is sent to you in printable PDF format via email or by post-whichever you prefer. It includes all Majorca addresses, contact details, access routes via chosen transport, restaurants bars etc; in fact anything you need

Please head over to faqs for all your anticipated questions

My Customer Charter

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My Service Promise

You now have the option to complete your choices on the Majorca wishlist page and tell me about all your Majorca needs, wants and desires

Avoid mass tourism

a more unusal attractive rural area to visit in Majorca

No Majorca regions are undiscovered; there are however, some beaches and coves out of over 250 on the island, that are less commercialised than others. There are also peaceful and charming inland villages and interesting towns to discover and explore.

So if mass tourism is not your thing and you are keen to avoid areas of Majorca that attracts British tourism en mass, I have set up chooseMajorca to help you get straight to what you need. There are plenty of options to stay in Majorca resorts and areas frequented by a multitude of nationalities other than Brits

Majorca activity possibilities are versatile from private hire of a yacht at sunset to filling your day with nature in the countryside and mountains; there is even the odd freebie exhibition for you to take advantage of if you are on a budget

Why be confined to one Majorcaregion? Make the most of surrounding areas, getting around is easy with Majorca's well coordinated, reliable transport system

There are accommodations and Majorca places to stay to suit eveyone extending way beyond the ones advertised on the high street


Please complete your wishlist and then click on “buy now” button and you will be taken to payment page

Peace and Quiet

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If you are not confined by the school holidays, why not stay in Majorca in Autumn? You can take a hike in rural Majorca or do some bird watching during the first days of spring when it's not too hot. And if you like sunbathing, it is still hot enough in late September when the schools have gone back so you can have the opportunity for a quieter time on the beach

The island has a charm that will cast its spell on you when you visit the region that best suited to what you want to do in Majorca.

Smile and be happy while you are there. Come home and tell all your friends about what a beautiful island Majorca is, how there is so much to do there and what a good time you had. Remember your holiday for all the right reasons!


Owner and Builder of Website

me the website owner in Majorca

I hope you sense my (the website owner) love for Majorca; it was instant after my first trip here over 4 decades ago. I have business studies and language education with 30 years experience in customer service roles including personal trainer to sports people and activity leader to special needs groups

My passion sharing my knowledge of Majorca with you

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