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Terms and Conditions

  1. chooseMajorca's personal search deals only with Majorca locations, accommodations and activities It does not offer flight information. For advice on flights, please see FAQ'S below

  2. chooseMajorca is operated by a sole trader and does not work in conjunction with, or on behalf of any other trading company either on the high street or online; chooseMajorca does not promote any business for any other company

  3. chooseMajorca is not a market research based company and does not do market research on behalf of any other company

  4. As a sole trader, all communication of the service is done via email. Telephone communication, at least in the initial year of the business commencing in May 2018 is not possible

  5. no payment should be made to the website owner until after the service user has received email confirmation from her summarizing former's wishlist; service user will be instructed in this same email to click on buy now paypal button on the wishlist page where they will be taken through paypals secure payment process

  6. You should allow 5 days maximum for your personal trip guide and activity plan to be constructed and emailed due to the chooseMajorca being operated by a sole trader

  7. The responsibility of the website owner is to recommend only highly acclaimed Activity and accommodation providers based on their online presence and portrayal and on trip advisor customer reviews.

  8. By paying for chooseMajorca's service, you are trusting the website owner to execute their customer charter as set out on the services page

  9. Once the payment has been made by the service user and received by the website owner, the personal trip search will begin

  10. The service fee is non-refundable in the unlikely event that you do not enjoy your holiday for whatever reason

  11. Any grievances about your accommodation should in the first instance be taken up with the accommodation owner while you are staying there; if the problem can not be satisfactorily resolved, the Majorcan tourist board should then be notified

  12. You are responsible for taking out your own travel insurance and choose Majorca is not liable for injury or fatality during or as a result of the accommodation or activity it recommends to you

  13. Using a credit card can facilitate the process of refunding your money should an unfortunate occurrence of the airline or holiday company collapsing although chooseMajorca uses only established online accommodation agents

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Q Which of the two services you provide are better suited for me?

  1. If you want to save some money obviously go for the £55 service. If you are after the ultimate time-saving and convenience service, the £110 service is better suited for you. The extra charge is for the extra administration for me in terms of money handling, making your payment to the property on your behalf as well as communications with the hotel regarding any special requests on your behalf. Also there are the communications with the activity or excursion providers on your behalf to take into consideration along with making any up front payments to these where necessary

Q You don't deal with flights at the moment

  1. No this website does not deal with flights, not at the moment anyway. Being a new business venture, demand for flight bookings will be gauged with the possibility of including them in a future service

Q What am I supposed to do about flights and how am I going to tie them in with what you recommend for me

  1. Do not be afraid to book your Majorca flights as soon as you are definite about when you want to take your trip. Ideally, when there is a sale on with your favorite airline such as easyjet Ryanair (other airlines are available). Book well in advance if planning to travel peak season

Q I have found some last minute flights to Majorca, will you still be able to find me some suitable accommodation at such short notice

  1. Yes there will always be something suitable available for you; just be aware that usually prices are higher last minute and/or in peak season

Q Does the accommodation and activities have to be paid for before I travel

  1. This will depend on each individual accommodation and activity provider. When you or I reserve your activity the provider will tell us if reservation fees are required up front. If you specifially want me to find you some accommodation where you pay on arrival you can let me know this via E-mail once you are using my service

Q What are the main advantages of using this service

  1. The time you save scouring holiday websites, and takes the guesswork out of your search. Another main advantage is this website owner will put the time in and work hard on your behalf to find the best value and quality for your budget

Q Why use chooseMajorca online service over a high street operator

  1. The accommodation in the main travel agent's brochures tends to be predominantly British focused. Why not experience some of the less commercialised prettier accommodations and locations of Majorca with a mixture of nationalities

Q I could do an online search myself and save money on your service charge

  1. The price of my service charge was established having weighed up the time it will take to personalise each requested trip brief whilst keeping up to date with the hundreds of accommodations and activities on Majorca. The cost also reflects drawing up your personal trip information guide for you with all activities, places of interest and routes to access them included

Q Are there any other advantages of using this chooseMajorca service?

  1. It spares you the time,indecision and confusion that searching so many accommodation and activity websites can bring about. Using someone with sound local knowledge to conduct the search on your behalf means you can be confident that you have minimal chances of nasty surprises and plenty of what you want to do when you get there

Q What are other advantages of using the chooseMajorca service?

  1. It will save you all those hours of reading trip and tour advisor reviews. It will spare you the disappointment of arriving at your Majorcan destination realising the wrong accommodation and location has been booked either yourself or by a travel agent who has general rather than specific Majorca knowledge

Q What makes chooseMajorca think it is more likely to make the right decision for me regarding where to stay on the island?

  1. The website owner goes to lengths on the wishlist page to find out your needs and tastes to be able to use the necessary local knowledge to tailor your trip for you to be really special

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